About Us

Our goal is to increase the number of girls in the Midlands who consider IT and other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers by giving them the opportunity to learn about IT and coding in a fun and interactive way. We welcome children of all genders to join us in celebrating the strengths of girls and women in IT and STEM.


Our Amazing Team:

More about this when we get closer to summer 2022!

More About Girls Go for I.T.

Drs. Alicia Wilson and Toni Williams founded Girls Go for I.T. in 2014. It is funded primarily by the National Center for Women & IT and in part by National Science Foundation grants to Dr. Wilson. We are grateful to our funding sources for allowing us to keep our registration fees low, and for allowing us to offer significant financial aid when needed.

Dr. Williams is a professor of education. Her research focuses on middle level teacher education and issues of diversity and social justice. When she is not teaching she loves spending time with her family.

Dr. Wilson is a professor of hydrology who writes numerical models to visualize groundwater flow through everything from giant sedimentary basins to salt marshes on the South Carolina coastline. She is excited to welcome girls into coding!

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