Additional Information

If there is anything that you need to know that is not on this page, please ask! If you need to contact Dr. Wilson, you can reach her at (803) 777-1240.

Sneaky Educational Goals

We want our campers to have fun! But it’s even more fun to gain a sense of accomplishment from successfully tackling new problems. We work hard to inspire our campers to master basic coding skills, including the basics of algorithmic thought, object-oriented programming, and other fundamentals of computer science. We also take advantage of Dr. Williams’ experience with middle-level students to make sure our campers can see concrete paths forward to college and careers, particularly careers in information technology (IT) and STEM. We specifically emphasize the opportunities for girls and women in these fields. It’s fun! But we have goals.


Before camp starts, our sponsors have some forms:

  1. The National Center for Women and IT Consent and Release form: The current plan is that you will get an email from NCWIT about this. Stay tuned!
  2. Health Forms and Liability and Waiver form: TBA.

Financial Aid

We want everyone to get a chance to learn with us. If cost could keep your child from coming to camp, please fill out the financial assistance form. Decisions will be made March 30 and April 20. Later applications will be considered if aid is still available.

Drop-off and Pickup

Drop-off is 8:00-8:30 am, . Pickup is at noon in the same place. We’ll bring the campers out to the sidewalk to meet you. The camp meets in TBD.


Campers are encouraged to bring snacks for the mid-morning break. The last day we will have a party (with cake!) to celebrate the creativity and accomplishments of our campers.

Special Needs

We do not have special education instructors on staff, but we have certainly had kids with special needs do wonderfully in the camp. Please call Dr. Wilson at (803) 777-1240 to discuss accommodations.

Camp Rules

We look forward to a positive relationship with our campers and their parents/guardians. Campers and their parents/guardians agree to avoid actions that interfere with the camp’s operation (including behavior that inhibits learning by other campers); and avoid actions that threaten the safety of the camper, other campers, or camp staff.

Tax ID Number

Our Tax ID number is TBD.

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