2021 Summer Camps

We regret that the pandemic has put a hold on our camp again this year. We will miss you! In the meantime, we will be rebranding for 2022. Stay tuned for a new look!

We are so sorry to miss you this summer. We hope your kids will still code! We recommend Scratch, Alice, and code.org. Try googling “Coding environments for kids” and see what comes up. Don’t forget Girls Who Code. And remember, your kids are already good at finding things on YouTube. We wish we could be there to coach them through some of these coding environments, but a video can really help in a pinch. Be well! — the Girls Go for IT team, Feb 5, 2021.

Girls Go for I.T. offers a fun, hands-on introduction to coding and IT for middle-schoolers, with a strong emphasis on opportunities for girls in STEM and IT careers.

All genders are welcome. Come learn for the first time (no programming experience necessary) or build on your knowledge to create a great new project. We are excited to see what you can achieve!

We plan to be back in 2022, rebranded! Last two weeks of June!

Week 1: Game Design with Scratch

Week 2: TBD

Addition Information (including financial aid)

Pick up and drop off are here (on Greene St between Main and Sumter)

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